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The Academy of the Holy Cross adopted a 1:1 iPad program with the Class of 2017 and extended to the entire school during the 2014-2015 academic year. Providing tools that answer the need for utilizing technology in all aspects of the learning cycle is our top academic priority. Through this program, we not only help our students develop technological skills, but also an appreciation for digital citizenship. Teachers and students will create an environment of ingenuity and collaboration, enhancing the learning process and supporting multiple learning styles.

To support this effort we have:

  • Created a powerful wireless network throughout the school
  • Organized an iPad team of faculty and administrators
  • Added an Educational Technology Coordinator to the faculty
  • Established a Help Desk for students available before, during and after school

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1:1 program?

The term "one to one" refers to one device for each student.

Why did you select the iPad?

We looked at many different devices and determined that the iPad was the best choice for Holy Cross. It has set the market standard for tablet quality, ease of use, battery life, and applications (apps).

Security was an additional consideration.The iPad is considered to be one of the most secure devices on the market today. Apps for the iPad must be digitally signed by the developer and are distributed through Apple approved channels only.

The iPad's versatility allowing students to multitask using the many different apps available, was another important consideration. Students can perform a variety of tasks using the iPad in an educational environment with numerous requirements.

Our students already live in a digital world. They communicate electronically. They learn electronically. We are committed to helping our students develop technological skills and an appreciation for digital citizenship.

I already have an iPad; can I use my own device?

Because iPads that will be provided are imaged with uniform apps that are maintained by our IT department we cannot accommodate personal devices.

Can I use my family or parent's Apple ID account?

Students must have their own Apple ID. We strongly recommend that students use their AHC email address (See iPad Help for more details). Parents who are concerned about their daughter using a personal Apple ID should consider requiring her to share her password with them. Students will be permitted to add their own apps on the iPad, space permitted.

How does the AHC 1:1 iPad Program work?

The iPad is school property and all students must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy. The iPad is provided to students for educational purposes and is not their personal property. After two years, all devices will be refreshed. All students will use their iPad to support their learning experience. They will be expected to bring the iPad to school fully charged each day and must have it in class just as they would any other required educational material.

Will the iPad replace all printed textbooks?

We will move to a predominantly digital textbook model. However, we will not compromise the quality of instructional materials simply to go digital. 

What happens if my iPad is lost or damaged?

The iPad carries AppleCare+ protection plan. AppleCare+ does not cover the iPad if it is lost, stolen but does cover damage. Students/parents will be responsible for the replacement cost if the iPad is lost or stolen.

A cracked case or screen resulting from neglect will not be covered under AppleCare+.  If the iPad is accidentally damaged, parents will be responsible to pay $49 for a deductible to cover the costs of repairing that iPad.  Note that this can only be done twice under the two-year coverage period.  If the iPad is lost, stolen or damaged beyond the second incident in the two-year coverage period, families will be responsible for the replacement cost of both the device and AppleCare+, approximately $508. 

We strongly encourage families to add the iPad under their home insurance or umbrella policy. Of course, the best policy is to never leave the iPad in a position where it could be lost or stolen. Students should care for the iPad as if it were their own.

Will there be training for students and parents?

At the time iPads are distributed, all students and at least one parent/guardian will be required to attend a presentation outlining expectations of iPad use. In addition, students will be required to download and register for an iTunse U course in which they will receive many digital guides and related tasks on how to use the iPad during the school year. Finally, students will receive some addition training during their orientation days at the beginning of the school year. 

Can families opt out of the iPad Program?

No. Participation in the 1:1 iPad Program will be required of every student who attends The Academy of the Holy Cross.

What does the Technology Fee cover?

The annual $420 Technology Fee covers the annual expenses of the 1:1 iPad Program including management software, AppleCare maintenance, supporting infrastructure, technical support, and applications.

What if I have questions during the school year?

If you have additional questions, please contact us at ipads@academyoftheholycross.org.

4920 Strathmore Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895  (301) 942-2100  
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