e-Learning Days

What is an e-Learning Day?

The tools and technology students and faculty have available to them make it possible for us to offer a meaningful opportunity for teaching and learning on days when inclement weather otherwise prevents safe travel to campus. Such days are called e-Learning Days. For our school community, they create an opportunity for us to continue teaching and learning with our students, and embrace the notion of blended learning by bringing content and instruction together through digital and online media and tools.


When is it implemented, and how?

The Academy of the Holy Cross follows Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in making the determination to close school because of inclement weather. When Montgomery County Public Schools close because of weather conditions, Holy Cross also closes. With e-Learning Days, however, closure of the school campus will not mean the loss of an instructional day.  

In implementing an e-Learning Day, students, families, and teachers will be notified by email and through the school website: “The Academy of the Holy Cross is closed today. Please check your course web pages for e-Learning materials."  Teachers will communicate materials to students by 10:00 am on the e-Learning Day and will be available for online office hours between 10:00 and 11:00 am and between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.

The lesson for a given class on an e-Learning day should require no more than 60 minutes to complete; this includes time needed for instruction, application, and any assigned homework.  Lessons on an e-Learning day may include, but are not limited to, viewing media online, internet research, commenting on a forum, participating in an online course discussion board, problem-sets, reading, reflection, and written response, or other work the teacher deems relevant to the curriculum.

Students are required to have assignments and other work completed and submitted by 12:00 midnight on the day on which they were assigned. This allows teachers to assess student progress and provide constructive feedback prior to the next lesson.  From a time-management perspective, it also affords the student a reasonable opportunity to complete the day's work and avoid an excessive backlog, especially should there be multiple e-Learning days in succession.

In the event of a full school cancellation, students, teachers and families will be notified as they are at present through media outlets and the school website that The Academy of the Holy Cross is closed on a given day; a notice on the school website and an email to families will verify that an e-Learning Day is not being implemented. Typically, only on days when a major weather event, such as a hurricane, blizzard, or ice storm has been forecast, will a full school cancellation happen without implementation of an e-Learning Day.


How does this affect the Cycle of Days?

If an e-Learning Day is implemented, that day is not lost on the school calendar. As such, if the e-Learning Day were a Purple Day, when we return to classes the next day, that day would be a White Day.

Power outages, broadband outages, and other circumstances that prevent participation

In the event that circumstances beyond a student’s control prevent her from completing work or participating in the e-Learning Day, we ask that parents or guardians provide a note to explain this circumstance. Students will be allowed to make-up work following the policy outlined in the Parent and Student Handbook for absence.

In the rare event that circumstances beyond a teacher’s control prevent participation in the e-Learning Day, Holy Cross will communicate with students who are affected through email. 

What students should expect from their teacher:

  • Materials for the eLearning day will be posted by 10:00 am.
  • Work is due from students by 12:00 midnight on the day it was assigned.
  • Lessons and assignments will be a continuation of the previous class’s instruction and be relevant to the curriculum.
  • Teachers will be available for online office hours between 10:00 and 11:00 am, and between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.
  • Teachers will respond to email queries in a timely fashion through the course of the e-Learning day.

What teachers should expect from their students:

  • An e-Learning day is a valid instructional day.
  • Each teacher will create an e-Learning lesson appropriate to the curriculum. Students will have work to complete commensurate with what would be done during a regular class meeting on Holy Cross Campus.



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